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GpsGate Server has now added ‘Android’ as a supported device! This is a new feature and has been designed to be used with our new GpsGate Tracker app. You can install this app from the Google Play store on Android devices that have GPS and telephony hardware. The app supports our new device Quick Registration service that allows it to be automatically configured to connect to your GpsGate Server.

Getting started with GpsGate Tracker

GpsGate Server Installation

GpsGate Server Android support requires you to update to the latest version.

  1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
  2. Go to the Plugins tab.
  3. Under My Plugins tab, make sure all plugins are up to date.

Setting up the Android app

Note: It is now not necessary to install the GpsGate Tracker Android app on devices before sending the Quick Registration message. The message itself will guide users through the installation process.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Download our app by searching for ”GpsGate Tracker” or following this link.
  3. After installing from Google Play open the app so that it can initialise.
Registering GpsGate Tracker with GpsGate Server

The Android app is also able to be configured by your GpsGate Server using our new Quick Registration service by SMS, even if the SMS provider on your GpsGate Server is not enabled.

  • Click ”Add new User”.
  • Select the ”Android” device type.
  • Add the phone number of the Android device.
    Note: This must include the country code in the format +XX.

Creating Android user

  • Click Save to add the device.
  • A pop-up will ask you if you would like to use the Quick Registration service. Click ”Yes”.
    Note: If the pop-up tells you that Quick Registration is not configured, please see the Troubleshooting section below.

Quick Registration

Re-sending a Quick Registration request to GpsGate Tracker

  • Go to ”Edit User” on the Android device.
  • On the device tab click the ”Send registration” button.
  • Click ”Yes” to send another request.

Resend Quick Registration

Connecting to GpsGate Server

When the Quick Registration service sends an SMS to the Android device, the app will open a pop-up window. Click the ”Accept” button in the bottom right.

Accept Quick Registration

The first button in the app, ”GPS Tracking” (in the English localisation) will start the device tracking it’s location and recording it. Click to turn it on.

Android Start Tracking

The second button, ”Server Connection” (in the English localisation) will connect the device to the registered GpsGate Server and start uploading the tracking information. Click to turn it on.

Android Start Uploading

As it is possible to record tracks and upload the track data separately, you can use the tracking functionality in areas where you do not want to use any of your mobile data allowance and then upload the track data later. While the app is tracking, you will see the GpsGate logo in your notifications area.

Android Tracking Notification


The tracking from my device does not seem very accurate

The GpsGate Tracker uses the settings on your device when reporting it’s location. If you experience inaccurate tracking try setting the ”Mode” in your device’s ”Location” settings app to ”Device/GPS only”. Other settings may use various forms of location estimation that will not provide you with the same amount of accuracy as GPS readings.

When I try to send a Quick Registration from the server it tells me that the service is not configured

Make sure that you are logged into the SiteAdmin interface as an administrator. Go to Devices > Listeners. Find the GpsGate Protocol over TCP/IP row and click ”Test” to perform a firewall test on the TCP port of your GpsGate server.

My Quick Registration SMS does not arrive

The SMS will be sent to the phone number you specified in the Add new User form. If it does not arrive, please check that the phone number was correct and entered in the described format.

I changed the phone number of an Android device in GpsGate Server and it can’t connect

If your device cannot connect after changing the phone number remove the App ID of the device and click save. You should now be able to connect.

My Quick Registration SMS does not work

Make sure that you have updated the GpsGate Tracker app to the latest version from the Google Play Store and then try again.

Any other issues

Please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any issues you have with setting up GpsGate Tracker.

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