GpsGate Security

Keep vehicles, drivers, and cargo safe and secure with GpsGate.
Real-time tracking on a scalable platform with advanced security features.

Do more than just monitor the fleet. Use your data to trigger smart security actions. Allow cargo doors to open only when vehicles are in a warehouse. Get instant alerts if vehicles leave delivery routes, devices go offline, or there is suspected fuel theft. Auto-capture photos when a vehicle stops, a jamming device is detected, or any alert is triggered.


Define exactly where vehicles should travel to keep them safe.

Mark scheduled routes and authorized stops: warehouses, customer locations, and other 'safe' areas.

Geofences can power event rules and trigger automated alerts. You can use them to send notifications, auto-complete jobs, control how often data is sent to the server, and more.

Alerts and SOS

Custom alerts keep fleet managers and operators updated at all times.

SOS alerts identify possible issues immediately so that you can check in with drivers and get them help quickly.

Create alerts for any type of driver or vehicle behavior using event rules and geofences.

Photo capture

Photos can help you prevent theft and also catch any perpetrators.

Taking photos at scheduled intervals helps deter theft and safety violations.

You can trigger photos to auto-capture conditions of cargo, workers, vehicles, or surroundings.

Worker safety monitoring

Crash detection

Contact authorities and dispatch help immediately in the case of a vehicular accident.

Man down alerts

Keep lone workers safe with monitoring and fall detection.

Driver behavior monitoring

Ensure that your drivers are safe and obeying speed and traffic laws.

Security reporting

You have the data you need at your fingertips 24/7. Access real-time data lightning fast in the application workspace. Custom workspaces give each employee the dashboards, maps, and panels they need to work effectively.

Historical data provides insights to improve security - identify safe delivery routes, find fuel theft trends, and ensure drivers follow safety regulations. Businesses stay compliant with incident reporting.

Tow alarm and jamming detection

Prevent unauthorized transport of your vehicles with tow alarms. If a vehicle is moved without the ignition switch on, an alarm can be instantly triggered.

Act quickly if a jammer is affecting one of your vehicles. You'll know immediately and can check in with your driver.

Notifications of any unexpected or suspicious behavior help keep your fleet secure.

Vehicle kill switch

Stop stolen vehicles or vehicles out of compliance from traveling farther. You can prevent the engine from being restarted by remotely disabling the ignition.

Extend the platform and apps to meet your exact business needs.

With tracking, you know exactly where the disabled vehicle is. You can alert authorities or work with your recovery team to reclaim the vehicle.